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Hi ! I'm

Dr. Ai

I help teenagers and young adults reclaim their confidence, motivation, and career clarity to succeed in school and real life

Hi ! I'm

Dr. Ai

I help teenagers and young adults reclaim their power, future, and lives even if they have no confidence, no motivation, no good grades, and no idea what they want to do

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Over the last twenty years, I have worked with more than 2,500 teenagers and young adults, helping them reclaim their confidence, motivation, and career clarity, and build skills they need to become career-ready and life-ready, and achieve high-level success.

Sure, this About Page shares a little bit about me, but it's really about YOU and YOUR CHILD.

It's about how you and your child can leverage the knowledge and experience I've gained over the last twenty years to finally break through their unique challenges and achieve the results that you and your child have been looking for.

How It All Started.

"Dr. Ai, will this be on the exam?"

"What's your favorite part of school? Recess"

"Next week's class is canceled. Celebration and joy in the classroom."

I used to joke with my students that school is the only place where you pay lots of money but don't want to get the service.

After ten years of that, I came to the conclusion that the current education model is broken. It is not helping students develop the curiosity and skills they need to become confident, motivated, and career- and life-ready.

Quite to the contrary, the system is hurting our young people on many levels.

That realization inspired me to ask myself a question that has profoundly changed my life.

Here is the question: do I want to continue being a part of the problem by perpetuating the broken education model, or do I want to be part of the solution and create a new model?

It was a resounding yes to be part of the solution and create a new model.

And that decision was what gave birth to Classroom Without Walls.

The Missing Links In Education Are What I Discussed In My TEDx Talk

Facing Big Challenges.

Growing up, I struggled with school and grades. I din't fully understand the point of school and why I had to do these things that didn't seem to be relevant to my life at all.

But, just as any good girl would do, I followed the conventional wisdom and believed that earning good grades was critical to my success. I believed good grades would get me into great schools which are a guarantee to fulfilling, secure, and high-paying jobs.

So, I did exactly that, except I did so at the cost of my physical and mental health. It was no good when your self worth was tied to grades and academic achievements.

I struggled with an eating disorder for 3 years and lost my menstrual cycle for the entire time. I was told and discovered that I had no friends but only competitors. I hated my life. I stopped talking to my parents as I perceived that they and the entire world were against me. I carved "hate" all over the walls in my room.

I shared my struggles with education in an interview with Glamour Magazine and Katie Couric Media for a series called "Daring To Disrupt". I was featured as an education disruptor. You can read the interview here or watch video below or on Katie Couric's YouTube channel.


How To Become Career- and Life-Ready

Even If Your Child Lacks Confidence, Motivation, and The Hunger For Success

Discover The 5 Shifts That Transform Teens and Young Adults From Feeling Lost To Becoming Career- and Life-Ready In 90 Days Or Less

Building The Expertise.

What my lived experience has taught me is a painful realization that what was promised me through the formal education system was a "lie."

I discovered that succeeding in school versus in life requires two different sets of skills and mindsets. Just because one is good at school like in my case with two advanced degrees from two prestigious universities in the US, I still struggled to have real life success.

Or maybe formal education is not even the right path for your child. Does that mean your child "failed"?

So, what is success and does contribute to success, impact, and income?

I embarked on a search.

I invested thousands of dollars in my own learning and working with top-tier coaches, and attending conferences and events to figure out the answer to success, impact, income, and fulfillment.

I have interviewed some of the most successful leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs, such as Dr. Esther Wojcicki who is the mom of the CEO of YouTube, and Seth Godin who is globally renowned leader, entrepreneur, and educator.

My learning and endeavors outside the formal classroom helped me discover the missing pieces in my formal education and advanced degrees, and helped me reclaim my own confidence, motivation, and career/life clarity.

Helping YOU Succeed.

I took what I have learned outside the classroom and combined that with my six years of training in graduate school and 10+ years as a college professor.

The final masterpiece is the Life Accelerator program that I created to help teenagers and young adults reclaim their power and success.

Life Accelerator is the signature program at Classroom Without Walls. It is my proprietary framework and the essence of my twenty years of work in education and working with more than 2,500 teenagers and young adults.

It is something that I wish I had when I was at your child's age, so that I didn't have to go through the dark moments I described above. But, if the experience is what I needed to create the Life Accelerator program to help your child who is struggling, then I am at peace with my past.

I did the research.

I paid my dues.

I consulted and worked with the best in the field of education and career and life coaching.

I put in the hours of work and invested in the money so that you don't have to do the same.

What is presented to you is a tested and proven roadmap and system to help teenagers and young adults become the best version of themselves, unleash their potential, reclaim their power, and become successful in school and beyond.

Your Time Is Now.

Today, the transformational results in our students have attracted media attention from the United States and worldwide. Classroom Without Walls and our flagship Life Accelerator program have been featured in Glamour Magazine, Forbes, TED, Adobe, LinkedIn, Today Show, Katie Couric Media, Pearson Education, to name a few.

And I have the honor of working with so many powerful teenagers and young adults who all joined the program when they were at a low place and dark moment in their lives.

But today, they have all fully awakened the superheroes within them. They are now showing up in life with confidence, motivation, grit, perseverance, and resilience. Parents oftentimes thank us with joyful tears in their eyes for giving their child back but only stronger and better.

And I want the same for your child.

Are you ready to help your child cross the river of change?

If your answer is yes, click the button below to get the process started.

Our son was privileged to be coached by Dr. Ai in her Life Accelerator program. The coaching, mentoring and active program that he experienced including site visits to leading start up companies has opened up a whole new world through an incredible and positive learning experience ! Thank you Dr Ai !


Mom, Ireland

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