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Interviewing leading educators, school leaders, entreprenures
The What Is School For show is inspired by my interview with Seth Godin who encouraged me to explore the purpose of education and what we can do to help our children become future-ready, creating successful and fulfilling lives. 

The show is also born out of my desire to build a better school for the next generation and my mission to disrupt the century-old sage-on-the-stage teaching model and to make learning FUN, TRANSFORMATIVE, and RELEVANT. 

At Classroom Without Walls, we believe the best education happens outside the classroom. 

Learning may happen inside the classroom. But, TRANSFORMATION happens outside the classroom. We firmly believe that information does NOT lead to transformation. The process of APPLYING leads to knowledge acquisition and life transformation. 

On the What Is School For show, I interview leading entrepreneurs, startup founders, education leaders, parents, and students to DISCUSS, DEBATE, and DISRUPT education. 

The goal of the show is to share tips, lessons, and best practices to help future-proof the next generation. 

Past interviews include thought leaders from Adobe, the former head of innovation at Disney, Forbes featured young entrepreneurs, leading financial advisers, and so many more trailblazers. 

Watch all the interviews below. Remember you can also listen to all the episodes on Spotify, iTunes, Anchor, and all the other podcast channels.

A conversation with Seth Godin about Education, Marketing, and Life

How to Raise Successful People With Esther Wojcicki, 'Godmother of Silicon Valley'

Creativity with the former VP of Innovation at Disney, Duncan Wardle

Schooling VS Education: The Power of Child-Directed Learning

"The Collapse of Parenting" With Dr. Leonard Sax

Is College Still The Golden Ticket to Career & Life Success

Technology, Video Games, and Your Child

From Professor to Entrepreneur: Pursuing An Alternative Path To Success

Are you ready to disrupt in 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣?

Video Games & Entrepreneurship: An Unschooler's Career Journey

2 Million Downloads & A 350K+ TikTok Community: How A 15-year-old Youth Did It All

Is Today's Education Preparing The Next Generation: A Student's Voice

The Key To Raising Resilient and Successful Children

EQ VS IQ: How To Raise Emotionally Intelligent Children

How To Identify and Break Toxic Parenting Patterns

How to Become The Best Parent to Your Child

Can I Trust My Children To Learn: Live Interview With An Education Expert

From Making Fries at McDonald's to Running A 500K Company: A School Dropout's Journey

A Language Disruptor's Journey to Disrupt Education

The Tragic Cost of Academic Achievement

How A High Schooler Is Leveraging Podcasting to Make A Global Impact

Pursuing a Career in Tech: What You Must Know

A College Dropout's Journey to Becoming An Entrepreneur

The Role of Formal Education in Entrepreneurship

To Homeschool Or Not: A Mom's Journey

A College Dropout's Journey to Earning a Six-Figure Income

The REAL Cost of Sending Your Kid to A High-Achieving School

"Parenting Beyond The Rules" With Connie Albers

Discuss, Debate, & Disrupt Education With A Seven-Figure Entrepreneur

A Woman's Journey To Change the World As An Artist, Activist, and Mom

Becoming Your Own Hero: Shay Rowbottom's Journey to Self-Empowerment & Success

From Stay-At-Home Mom to International Art Instructor: An Entrepreneur's Approach to Parenting

"I am thankful for my LACK OF formal education": A Self-Made Multi-Millionaire's Journey to Success

Using Social Media for Good: A Highschooler's Journey to Getting Quotes in the New York Times

Developing Real Life Skills For Success Through Live Streaming

How to use social media and tech for good: Practical Tips for Parents & Educators

How to Help Your Teens Level Up?

How to Help Your Child Develop The Soft Skills They Need For Success

How To Apply Decision Science to Make BETTER Decisions For Your Business

Empowering Parents to Reimagine Parenting in the 21st-Century

How to Guide Your Children To Live A Life With No Regrets

Applying Positive Psychology to Parenting To Raise Confident & Competent Children

Raising Future Leaders: What Parents Need To Know

A High Schooler's Journey To Learning OUTSIDE the Classroom

Tapping Into NLP and Hypnosis to Eliminate Emotional Stress in Children and Young Adults

Reimagining Education Through Skill-Based Learning

Learning Beyond the Classroom: Live Interview with A Recent Classroom Without Walls' Grad

From Rejection to Apple Endorsement: A Stroke Survivor's Journey to Success

The Mental Health Crisis Among Today's Students

Being An Introvert In An Extroverted Society

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Dr. Ai is a Professor turned entrepreneur. She taught in the classroom for 10+ years before she resigned to build her own school, Classroom Without Walls. Dr. Ai has helped more than 2K students achieve career success.
I go LIVE every Tuesday (Noon ET), Wednesday (5pm ET), and Friday (Noon ET) to teach beyond the walls or interview leading industry professionals . Watch previous interviews here on my YouTube channel. 
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