What Is School For Live Show
Interviewing leading educators, school leaders, entreprenures

A conversation with Seth Godin about Education, Marketing, and Life

Cultivating Creative Thinkers with the former head of Innovation at Disney, Duncan Wardle

Teaching Our Children Financial Literacy: Best Practices From A Millionaire Financial Planner, Winnie Sun

From a School Drop Out to a Million-Dollar One-Person Business Owner with Sean Kelly

What are recruiters looking for in young adults with Joel Lalgee

The future of work: How to best prepare the next generation with Tim Salau

Learning for the future with the Revolution School and the School Of Thought

Finding your dream job without a degree with Jonaed Iqbal

Tapping Into Music As A Superpower To Transform Children's Lives with Catherine Dunphy

Raising resilient children in an age of change and disruption with Brian Gorman

Homeschooling In A School Bus 
with Tressa Sutphin

A Homeschooled Kid's Perspective on Education with Jenny Wills

Why College is a Waste of Time 
with Jordan Paris

Developing social and cognitive skills via outdoor plan with Hanson Barry

Cultivating children's Social and Emotional Intelligence with Purvi-Sonia Davé

Helping children become future ready 
with Pam Roy

A brain-centric approach to unlock children's LOVE for learning with Rich Carr

Schooling VS Education: A Startup Founder's Journey to Success with Geige Vandentop

How To Help Children Love School 
with Mike Yates

A parent's homeschooling journey 
with Dan Wills

Why educators should attend industry conferences with Sabba Quidwai 

How Technology Can Be Used To Reimagine Education with Jacqueline Rose

Reimagine Learning and Career Through Technology with Dr. Will Deyamport

Integrating Entrepreneurship into the Traditional Education with Elyse Burden

Using Snapchat as a teaching tool with Professor Michael Britt

How is social media changing education with Dr. Ai

Using Facebook as a teaching tool with Leslie Jespersen

Using social media and live streaming as a teaching tool with Professor Peter Nez

Tools and resources in social media education with David Kampmann 

Can Snapchat be used as a teaching, coaching, and content marketing tool 
with Darren Horne

How Social Media Transformed An Educator's Teaching and Professional Career with Dr. Chetachi Egwu

A millennial's perspective on Learning, Education, Social Media, and Technology with Emily Hayes

Using Wikipedia as a teaching tool with 
Dr. Becky Carmichael 

Using Instagram as a Teaching and Research Tool with Dr. Paige Jarreau

Creating a Disruptive & Innovative Space in Education with Don Wettrick

How is technology advancement influencing and disrupting education with 
Alan Heppenstall

Using Connections-Based Learning to Reignite Students' Passion for Education with Sean Robinson

Creating An Irresistible Brand Using LinkedIn: Guest talk for students at the Delaware Technical Community College

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