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Reinventing Education: A 21st -Century Classroom Experience

Classroom Without Walls Makes Learning Fun, Transformative, & Relevant 


Dr. Ai's Interview with Katie Couric & Glamour 

Dr. Ai's TEDx Talk: School Is Obsolete. What's Next?

WHO Do I Serve 


Classroom Without Walls' signature program, Life Accelerator, works with teens and young adults, through a tested and proven methodology, to gain confidence, motivation, and real life skills to become successful in life

It offers 3 promises to parents: 

1) BECOME confident & purpose-driven young adults through our personalized career readiness roadmap; 

2) Acquire 21st-century soft & life skills to flourish in any workplace environment, including remote; 

3) TRANSFORM youth' and young adults' social media & tech “addiction” into constructive learning, career development & marketable career-ready skills


As a Digital Learning Consultant, I have worked with numerous schools to help them digitize their curricula. I have spent 15+ years in education. 

I specialize in incorporating social media & creative technologies into the traditional curricula to enhance student engagement, globalize classroom learning, and improve knowledge retention.  

I coach students to use the tools they already have for free to become a creator as opposed a passive consumer. . 

I am a Brain-Centric Design certified trainer. I tap into the power of neuroscience as well as digital platforms to make learning fun, personal, and engaging. 



As a professor turned entrepreneur, I am passionate about sharing my success and lessons with fellow educators so that they can have more impact and income. 

I work with individual teachers who 1) want to build an irresistible profitable brand online; 2) are transitioning out of teaching to becoming entrepreneurs; 3) are interested in packaging their knowledge into a profitable online business. 

I help these teachers or educators in academia, through my proven framework, to build a profitable brand to amplify their authority & influence, and 10X their impact & income. I especially specialize in generating organic traffic & leads via video & live streaming content, and content creation on LinkedIn.


Life Accelerator

Life Accelerator is Classroom Without Walls' signature program. It helps young adults gain confidence, motivation, and real life skills to become successful in life  

Watch What Parents & Children Are Saying About The Life Accelerator Program


What Is School For Live Streaming Show

The What Is School For show is inspired by my interview with Seth Godin who encouraged me to explore the purpose of education and what we can do to help our children become future-ready, creating successful and fulfilling lives. 

The show is also born out of my desire to build a better school for the next generation and my mission to disrupt the century-old sage-on-the-stage teaching model and to make learning FUN, TRANSFORMATIVE, and RELEVANT

At Classroom Without Walls, we believe the best education happens outside the classroom. 

Learning may happen inside the classroom. But, TRANSFORMATION happens outside the classroom. We firmly believe that information does NOT lead to transformation. The process of APPLYING leads to knowledge acquisition and life transformation. 

On the What Is School For show, I interview leading entrepreneurs, startup founders, education leaders, parents, and students to DISCUSS, DEBATE, and DISRUPT education. 

The goal of the show is to share tips, lessons, and best practices to help future-proof the next generation

Past interviews include thought leaders from Adobe, the former head of innovation at Disney, Forbes featured young entrepreneurs, leading financial advisers, and so many more trailblazers. 

Teaching Your Children Financial Literacy: Best Practices From A Millionaire Financial Planner

From a School Drop Out to a Million-Dollar One-Person Business Owner

The future of work: How to best prepare the next generation

Social Media Marketing Live Streaming Show

Social Media Marketing Live Streaming Show was born out of my desire to become a better college professor of social media, public relations, and communication. 

This is how the story began. 

Five years into my teaching career as a college Professor, I realized that students can NOT just learn from academics. They need to learn from professionals who are in the field practicing, testing, validating, and making mistakes. I cannot offer solid and life-changing advice if I was just standing in the classroom and teaching by a book. If I cared about my students deeply and truly wanted to them to succeed, I had to practice what I was teaching in the classroom. In other words, I had to become a practitioner

That wake-up call gave birth to Classroom Without Walls. 

It started as a hashtag and then grew into a live streaming show, in which I interview leading social media marketers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals to share their best practices and lessons. I love partnering up with all these influential leaders to co-teach, co-create, and co-learn. This partnership has also empowered students to leverage social media more strategically and to lead with purpose and agency.

The show has helped be, substantially, to BREAK DOWN the four walls and disrupt the sage-on-the-stage model

To this day, Classroom Without Walls has interviewed hundreds of thought leaders such as Seth Godin, Mark Schaefer, Neil Patel, Cathy Hackl, Winnie Sun and so many more. The show has also helped me grow a global audience of passionate learners from more than 20 countries, who join me on a regular basis to co-learn, co-create, and co-teach. 

Building trust with influencers and buyers: Influencer marketing in 2020 with Lee Odden

An in-depth conversation with Seth Godin about Marketing, Education, & Life 

A new paradigm in Marketing: An in-depth interview with Mark Schaefer

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Dr. Ai is a Professor turned entrepreneur. She taught in the classroom for 10+ years before she resigned to build her own school, Classroom Without Walls. Dr. Ai has helped more than 2K students achieve career success.
I go LIVE every Tuesday (Noon ET), Wednesday (5pm ET), and Friday (Noon ET) to teach beyond the walls or interview leading industry professionals . Watch previous interviews here on my YouTube channel. 
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