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Classroom Without Walls: 
A School For Entrepreneurs 
Classroom Without Walls: 
A School For Entrepreneurs 
Live interivew with leading social media marketers, entrepreneurs, & business leaders
Classroom Without Walls: 
A School For Entrepreneurs 
Live interivew with leading social media marketers, entrepreneurs, & business leaders
Classroom Without Walls: A School For Entrepreneurs was born out of my desire to become a better college professor of social media, public relations, and communication. 

This is how the story began. 

Five years into my teaching career as a college Professor, I realized that students can NOT just learn from academics. They need to learn from professionals who are in the field practicing, testing, validating, and making mistakes. I cannot offer solid and life-changing advice if I was just standing in the classroom and teaching by a book. If I cared about my students deeply and truly wanted to them to succeed, I had to practice what I was teaching in the classroom. In other words, if I wanted to help my students be future ready as a savvy digital media pro, I had to be future ready myself. Needless to say, I had to become a practitioner.

That wake-up call gave birth to my first live streaming show in 2017, Classroom Without Walls: A School For Entrepreneurs

It started as a hashtag and then grew into a live streaming show. On this show, I interview leading social media marketers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to share their best practices and lessons. The goal is to future proof our business. 

I love partnering up with influential leaders to co-teach, co-create, and co-learn. This partnership has also empowered students to leverage social media more strategically and to lead with purpose and agency.

The show has helped be, substantially, to BREAK DOWN the four walls and disrupt the sage-on-the-stage model. 

To this day, Classroom Without Walls has interviewed hundreds of thought leaders such as Seth Godin, Mark Schaefer, Neil Patel, Guy Kawasaki, Cathy Hackl, Winnie Sun and so many more. 

The show has also helped me grow a global audience of passionate learners from more than 20 countries, who join me on a regular basis to co-learn, co-create, and co-teach. 

Watch the interviews below. Or, you can listen to Classroom Without Walls on Spotify, iTunes, Anchor, and all the other podcast channels.

A conversation with Seth Godin about Education, Marketing, and Life

A new marketing paradigm: An in-depth conversation with Mark Schaefer

Building trust with influencers and buyers: Influencer marketing in 2020 with Lee Odden

How to write for an online audience: Tips & best practices with Julia McCoy

Your Ultimate Guide To Attract + Close MORE clients with Donnie Boivin

How to get featured in large publications like Forbes and Inc with John White

How to make people talk about YOUR brand NON-STOP with Nick Powills 

The money mindset to prosperity, abundance & fulfillment with Andrew Wang

From B2B/B2C to H2H: The Missing Link to Your Business Success with Bryan Kramer

Top Twitter Marketing Strategies to Implement in 2020 with Crystal King

10 Lessons From 18 Years in Business As A Solo Entrepreneur with Bella Vasta

How to build press coverage as an entrepreneur with Alissa Carpenter

Effective LinkedIn Content Strategy to Generate More Sales with Viveka von Rosen

Building Trust on Instagram: Tips and Strategies for Marketers with Mike Gingerich

Simplify to Amplify: Scaling Fast to 7 Figures with Jessica Yarbrough

How to scale social media to grow your business with Dot Lung

The end of marketing with Carlos Gil

Leveraging Instagram to grow your business with Laurie Wang

How to bulletproof your personal brand with Mary Henderson

What It Takes To Become An Entrepreneur & Build A Business with Jon Ferrara

Unlock the power of LinkedIn to grow your business with Brenda Meller

How to pitch so people will listen, care, and act with Ryan Foland

Mastering your personal brand in a noisy world with Leonard Kim

Igniting the creativity in your storytelling with Kathy Klotz-Guest

Agile marketing: Everything you need to know with Ben Sailer

Building a business on podcast with Mario Porreca

The journey to paid speakership with Brian Fanzo

The CLEAR method for creating profitable content and social selling with Jeff Hunter

Your social media how to book for professionals and entrepreneurs with Mitch Jackson

Tips to manage your time & take back your life with Adrian Shephard

How to become known by being human with Brian Wallace

Lessons from 3+ million views on LinkedIn with Judi Fox

Proven Methods to Overcome Entrepreneurial Stress with Stephanie Dalfonzo

A Non-BS Approach to Maximizing LinkedIn to Gain Clients with Gurleen Deol

How to leverage social media to build a profitable brand with Winnie Sun

Facebook Redesign: What does it mean to marketers and content creators with Stephanie Liu

Entrepreneurship: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly with Tim Sohn and Jim Fuhs

How to Manage Mental Health as An Entrepreneur & Marketer with Chris Brogan

How to Rebrand to Become the Best You: Best Practices & Mistakes to Avoid with Amanda Robinson

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide with Paddy McGill

How to create irresistible content that sells and tells stories with Thinkific

Leveraging LinkedIn, organically, to gain clients & grow business with Stella Da Silva

Using Live Streaming to Grow Communities & Generate Leads with Ross Brand

What are some common mistakes in doing Facebook ads with Serena Ryan

V-Commerce & Digital Humans: How Immersive Technologies are Changing Consumer Experience with Cathy Hackl

Are you a content creator with Julia McCoy, the CEO of Express Writers

How to create profitable online courses with Rob Balasabas

Secrets to building Community and engagement on Instagram, Facebook live with Monique Kabel 

Blogging interview with Corina Manea

Digital Storytelling with Michael Hernandez

The importance and relevance of Twitter in 2018 and beyond

The benefits of Twitter with Dr. Joyce Knudsen

Social Media Marketing: The Past, Present, & Future with Keith Quesenberry

Leveraging Content Planning to Increase Engagement with Kristyna Torres-Cruz

Why you need a digital detox & how to do it with Lisa Buyer

Creating Content That Drives Profit and Conversion with Julia McCoy

Live Streaming Challenges and Tips with Zala Bricelj

How to get sh*t done with with Jason Schemmel

Teaching Entrepreneurship: Is it Possible or Not with Dr. Jeremy Harris Lipschultz

How to Leverage Social Media to Best Definite Your Value and Design Your Brand with Gerard Francis Corbett

Leveraging Live Streaming to bring your business to a new level with John Kapos

How to maximize the value of social media, safely and smartly with Zala Bricelj

Practical tips on SEO and Content Tactics to build a strong online presence with Julia McCoy

How to maximize the value of social media, safely and smartly with Zala Bricelj

How to prepare for the modern communication world with Deirdre Breakenridge

Leveraging social media to create your zone of genius with David Holzmer

The Communication Skills You Need to Maximize Your Impact with Kevin Anselmo

Digital Disruption & the Millennial mindset with Brian Fanzo

Effective Goal-Setting To Rock Your Career & Business with Debra Eckerling

Creating content to build your dream community with Nicholas Thickett

The Good, the bad, and the ugly of social media marketing with Mark Schaefer

Using Gamification to Boost Online Course Performance with Zsuzsanna Kisvardai

How to best integrate Social Media with contemporary Public Relations with Shonali Burke

Using Social Media to Build Online Influence with Lisa Flowers

How to Build A Profitable Podcasting Business with Mark Metry

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Dr. Ai is a Professor turned entrepreneur. She taught in the classroom for 10+ years before she resigned to build her own school, Classroom Without Walls. Dr. Ai has helped more than 2K students achieve career success.
I go LIVE every Tuesday (Noon ET), Wednesday (5pm ET), and Friday (Noon ET) to teach beyond the walls or interview leading industry professionals . Watch previous interviews here on my YouTube channel. 
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