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  Life Accelerator Program for Parents, Teens, & Yough Adults
Do you know Grade Point Average is actually inversely related to innovation oriention? Yet, innovation is an important 21st-century skill. 

Do you know children attending high-achieving schools are now considred at-risk groups? 

Do you know creativity DECREASES as your child becomes more educated?

Here is the non-obvious truth about education that most schools are NOT going to tell you. 

The century-old educational model is BROKEN

It is NO LONGER sufficient to preprere your child for a constantly changing future

In fact, most students struggle to succeed in life through the century-old educational model. 

That's why we developed a tested and proven framework to make learning fun, relevant, and transformative so that students can start developing future-ready skills, knowledge, and mindset.

Let me introduce you to our Life Accelerator program. 

Life Accelerator is Classroom Without Walls' signature program. Its goal is to help teens and young adults (13+ years old) become future-ready by teaching them what schools are NOT . 

We offer one-on-one coaching which is rare nowadays in the education market.

In addition, our proven methodology is developed based on Dr. Ai's 10+ years experience of working with more than two thousand students and a solid body of research in the future of education and work. Our methodology covers three foundations that prepare young adults to become future-ready including Digital Media Litearcy, Life Skills, and Mindset.  

Upon enrolling your child into the program, parents will be promised the following three transformations of their children. 
  • PROMISE ONE: TRANSFORM your children from feeling confused and lost, to confident and purpose-driven young adults with our personalized roadmap to career success and life fulfillment
  • PROMISE TWO: UPSKILL your children from being unprepared, to sought-after young professionals by developing the 21st century soft and life skills to flourish in any workplace environment. 
  • PROMISE THREE: EQUIP your children with a competitive edge, as they discover how to effectively leverage social media & creative technologies to build an irresistible brand to entice recruiters and thought leaders in their desired professions & industries 
Below is a video highlight of what some parents and students are saying about their experience at the Life Accelerator program. Please make sure to check out the Life Accelerator section on this website to see additional testimonials and information regarding the program. 

There is also a FREE masterclass that outlines a five-step process to help teens and young adults transform from feeling lost and unmotivated to becoming career- and life-ready so that they can eventually land their dream jobs. 

"I've learned MORE in ten days at the Life Accelerator Program than two years at my business class" -- Student at the Life Accelerator Program in December, 2019

  Consulting + Workshops for School Leaders & Teachers
Stop blaming social media and technology for all the problems in our students. They are NOT the root of the problem. In fact, social media and creative technologies, when used appropriately and strategically, can create an engaging, collaborative, and global learning space. After teaching in the classroom for 10 plus years and working with more than two thousand students globally, I have witnessed numerous positive cases of using social media and creative technologies to transform classroom learning experiences and outcomes. 

Students, educators, and school leaders have learned how to leverage social media and creative technologies to educate and inspire, and even create social movements. 

I'm convinced than ever that devices are NOT the root of the problem; pedagogy is

How we use social media and technology make a HUGE difference when it comes to effective learning outcomes. 

I work with school leaders and teachers to teach them the why and the how of incorporating social media and technology as an effective teaching and learning tool to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes. I discuss the theory behind this digital pedagogy; I also offer specific assignments and exercises that can be applied to teaching right away, including online and offline classes. 

Here is a sample workshop topic. 

Five ways social media can make distance learning more effective
  • ONE: Build a global network to enrich classroom discussion
  • TWO: Establish an online presence to attract more career opportunities for both teachers and students
  • THREE: Enhance student engagement and learning outcomes
  • FOUR: Bridge the gap between academia and industry
  • FIVE: Equip students with the 21st-century knowledge, skills, and mindset to become future-ready 
Below are the links to two interviews that I conducted with Inside Higher Education and Pearson Education regarding incorporating social media and creative technologies into the classroom to enhance learning outcomes. Please go to the Media section on this website to read additional interviews that I have conducted with various media outlets and publications.

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  Career Reinvention for Individual Teachers
Are you a teacher looking for ways to transition out of your teaching career? You are tired of being broke and exhausted all the time. You are tired of doing so much but being paid so little? You are tired of the politics. You are tired of the broken system. You ask yourself, is there more to life than grading, reseraching, and doing service?

I hear you. I have been there before! I used to cry every single semester. I used to think that being broke means you are a good teacher...

Until I left academia and started my own business. I started to see and experience what is possible. Now I make more than how much I used to make as an Associate Professor. The best part is that I have the freedom to choose whom I want to work with and when.

Hi! My name is Ai. 

I am a former teacher. I taught in the classroom for 10+ years. I cried over students' lack of motivation and interest in the journey of learning. was so burned out from the pressure to produce academic publications (that nobody seems to be interested in), to serve on numerous school- and nation-wide committees, and to entertain disinterested students... 

It's all history now! 

Today, I am a Forbes featured entrepreneur and an independent consultant. I work on my terms. I work with people whom I want to work with and on projects that are aligned with my vision and mission. I enjoy my laptop lifestyle and the joy to homeschool my children, be there to witness major milestones in their lives, and co-learn and co-grow with them. 

In other words, I have designed and created my dream life and I am living my life to its fullest extent. 

If this sounds like a life that you dream of, use the link below to book a call with me. 

Let's have a chat. I am here to help you have more income and impact

The truth is that you deserve more in life! And almost all the skills that you have develoepd as a teacher can be translated into entrepreneurship.
Below are two articles that can help you understand how it feels to transition out of teaching. The first one is a Forbes article that featured my story and the top ten lessons that I learned from reinventing myself. The second one is a Thrive Global article, in which I shared the top three lessons that helped me transition from professorship to entrepreneurship. 
    Live Streaming Show & Podcast Booking
I host two weekly live streaming shows. I live stream at least twice a week on various social media platforms including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter/Periscope, and YouTube

One focuses on social media marketing, business, and entrepreneurship. It is on every Wednesday at 5 pm, EST. I interview leading social media marketing professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs to share their best tips and practices. You can watch the earlier interviews here.

The other focuses on education and future-ready skills and knowledge. It is on every Friday at noon, EST. I interview leading educators, school leaders, principals, startup founders, parents, and traditional and nontraditional students. We discuss, debate, and disrupt education. The goal of this show is to help future-proof the next generation. You can watch the earlier interviews here

If you are interested in being a guest on my live streaming podcast, please make sure to fill out this form. If there is a fit, Dr. Ai or one of her team members will contact you to schedule a pre-interview Zoom chat to get to know each other more. 

Before you fill out the form, please check out some of Dr. Ai's earlier interviews on the Podcast section on this website. 

Dr. Ai also does live streaming consulting. I offer strategy coaching and done-for-you service. Use the link below to book a call with me.

    Media Inquiries
Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang is a thought leader in education and digital learning. She is a quotable media resource for the following topics. If you are interested in having Dr. Ai speak to you, please message her by using the information listed under her biography and/or book a free consultation session with her. 
  • Online or distance learning: Strategies and best practices
  • Using social media and creative technologies as a teaching tool
  • ​Leveraging live streaming to create an engaging, collaborative, and global learning environment
  • ​Future of education
  • ​Parenting and homeschooling
  • ​21st-century skills and future-readiness
  • ​Getting students and teachers prepared for the gig economy


Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang is an educator and an entrepreneur. She received her MA and Ph.D. in Communication from Syracuse University and the University of Maryland. Ai is the founder of Classroom Without Walls, an independent and progressive school to help young adults become future ready. As an Adobe Education Leader, Ai specializes in incorporating social media and creative technologies to enhance student learning and to acquire skills that help them become future-ready. Ai’s work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inside Higher Education, Pearson Education, and Mark Schafer’s book among others. She additionally contributes to Entrepreneur and Thrive Global. Ai hosts two weekly live streaming shows, where she interviews thought leaders in social media and education such as Seth Godin, Mark Schaefer, Neil Patel, and many others. Ai is also a HubSpot Academy instructor, SEMrush webinar speaker and host. Ai frequently speaks at academic and industry conferences including VidCon, Global Marketing Day, Global Digital Marketing Summit, Social Media Week Lima, and others.


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Dr. Ai is a Professor turned entrepreneur. She taught in the classroom for 10+ years before she resigned to build her own school, Classroom Without Walls. Dr. Ai has helped more than 2K students achieve career success.
I go LIVE every Tuesday (Noon ET), Wednesday (5pm ET), and Friday (Noon ET) to teach beyond the walls or interview leading industry professionals . Watch previous interviews here on my YouTube channel. 
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