Leveraging Live Video To Grow Your Business & Brand


Recently, I attended the Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego. It’s arguably one of the top Social Media Marketing conferences in the US. If I had to select one takeaway from the conference, it would be: Go Live, Go Video.

Live videos connect people at a new level that is otherwise hard to achieve through traditional text or even audio. As a live streamer myself, I cannot think of a better way than live video to serve and connect with my community members.

Having said all that, I was beyond honored to have Chocolate Johnny, a live video expert, as a recent guest on my Facebook live show. John offered many valuable tips and insights regarding live video. He also shared best practices that we can all employ to use live video to grow and scale our businesses and brands.

In this article, I will share a few highlights of our interview. I also recommend that you watch the replay of the show. John is not only a live video expert, but a dynamic speaker and a genuine human being.

Interview with the one and only John Kapos, aka Chocolate Johnny, owner of Perfection Chocolates & Sweets. John is also a speaker. He spoke at last year's #SMMW17 conference, where he gave an awesome talk on live streaming.

Who is Chocolate Johnny?

John Kapos, aka Chocolate Johnny, is the owner of a chocolate shop in Sydney Australia called Perfection Chocolates and Sweets. John has successfully leveraged the power of live video to scale his business. As a live streaming expert, John also coaches other small businesses to tap into the power of live video.

In addition, John is a social media and motivational speaker. In fact, John was a speaker at last year’s Social Media Marketing World conference (#SMMW17), where he discussed how he used live video to grow his business and brand. I had the honor to listen to John present in person. It’s a value-packed talk.

To learn more about John, please visit his Website and connect with him on TwitterLinkedInInstagram, and Facebook.

Chocolate Johnny’s Live Streaming Journey

John’s live streaming journey started three years ago when social streaming app Meerkat was first released. He immediately downloaded the app and started playing with it. John broadcasted his first live streaming session on April 1, 2015, when he was taking a walk on a beach in Sydney. To his great surprise, thirty people joined his session and started conversing with him.

That moment was a turning point in his career. John started to brainstorm ideas where he could incorporate live video into his local chocolate business. He started to ask himself, “How can I utilize live streaming for my business and for other people’s business? How can I take live streaming to the next level? What can I do with it?” Intrigued by these questions, John started to live stream his Perfection Chocolate business.

Push The Broadcast Button: Your Business Could Change

My biggest takeaway from my hour-long Facebook live interview with John is: push the damn button. John said it so well, “push the broadcast button, your business could change.”

John shared several stories where his live videos of Perfection Chocolates has benefited his business.

✅ A famous TV presenter in Sydney shared John’s story on her Instagram channel, where she has a hundred thousand followers.

✅ Through Periscope, 79 people have come to John’s store because they watched his story on Periscope. Those people came from all over the globe such as New York, London, Paris, Sweden, Iceland, New Zealand, China, Japan, etc. Because they watched John go live on Periscope, they felt an urge to connect with John in person and try his chocolate.

✅ A famous comedian visited John’s chocolate shop as his first stop in Sydney and he live streamed his entire visit.

✅ For one of his live streaming broadcasts, John had 115,000 viewers and made $3K in sales purely from the live broadcast.

Not only are these stories amazing from a storytelling perspective, but from a business angle, these visitors have become consumers who have all purchased John’s Perfection Chocolates, in-person or online; and they will continue to share their stories about Chocolate Johnny with their friends and family members. To me, these are the finest examples of social selling and selling without selling.

In John’s own words,

People see you and your product. They hear about you. People see me on social media and will come in to try my product. I have planted my seed. Fix your foundation up. Build a relationship first, build the trust and watch your business grow.

So, if you are an individual or a small business owner, it might be the time for you to push the broadcast button. Your effort is likely to benefit your business.

We Can All Become Digital Storytellers

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that only attractive small businesses such as chocolate can benefit from live videos. During the interview, John shared several examples where small business owners from a wide range of industries have benefited from live streaming.

✅ A butcher shop owner uses live videos to teach people how to identify quality meat, how to process the meat at home, how to cut the meat, how to put it on the barbecue, how to season it, how to do recipes, etc.

✅ A florist uses live videos to teach people how to choose good flowers and arrange them into beautiful designs.

✅ A funeral director uses live video to teach people how to write a good eulogy.

✅ A financial planner uses live video to show people the basics of financial planning.

The list can go on and on, but you got the idea. The point is that we all have a story to share. We all have passions and hobbies, and we all know something a little bit more than the average person. As John shared,

You are different from everyone else and you have a story and everyone needs to hear it. You have a story that someone out there needs to hear your story and that’s going to change their lives.

Remember, push the broadcasting button.

Everyone Has to Start With Zero

When you are starting out on your live streaming journey, it’s very tempting to look at your numbers and feel discouraged. I love what John shared,

We all start with zero followers. Listen carefully, zero followers, zero hearts, zero likes, zero zero zero. Everyone starts with zero!

Amen! So true.

John shared a great tip that can help people, especially newbies of live videos, to get over their fears of numbers. John recommended using a piece of paper to cover your live streaming viewers’ numbers, should it be on Periscope, Facebook, or whatever platform you use to go live. In this way, you wouldn’t be able to see the numbers and be bothered by them when you go live. When in doubt, remember John’s wise words:

I am insecure enough. Everyone is. I don’t need another thing to make me feel insecure. I don’t care about the numbers. All I care about is the comment. And if no one comments on it, that’s okay. One day someone will!

This reminds me of what Gary Vaynerchuk shared in one of his videos. When Gary started producing videos, not that many people consumed his content. Be patient and be consistent. One day, people will pay attention to you and your content.


I hope my interview with Chocolate Johnny has given you enough confidence and motivation to start your own live streaming journey. As a live streamer myself, I cannot resonate enough with every single pointJohn shared. The only way to overcome our fear of live video is by acting on that fear, “push the broadcast button.”

The benefits far outweigh your fears. Because if you get fears in your head, it doesn’t give you enough room to put your dreams inside. Take the fears out of your head; push the button. I don’t care if your hair is curly or not straight or if you haven’t put make-up on. People want to hear your story.
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