Twitter Chats in the Live Streaming Age: Reflections on #TwitterSmarter’s Second Monthly Talk Show


                                                  #TwitterSmarter’s second monthly talk show.

Do you love Twitter chats? I am addicted to them. I have been participating in various social media marketing, public relations, and education & technology related Twitter chats on a regular basis for quite some time now.

As we are approaching the end of 2017, numerous changes have happened in the social media world. One of the biggest changes is how live streaming and video messages have revolutionized how people engage in digital storytelling.

How can Twitter chat, a largely textual Q&A format, benefit from the rising popularity of live streaming?

Twitter Chats in the Live Streaming Age: #TwitterSmarter’s Monthly Talk Show:

Madalyn Sklar is the founder of a popular weekly Twitter chat, #TwitterSmarter, which is on every Thursday at 1 PM, EST. I love how Madalyn incorporated live streaming into her weekly Twitter chat. Madalyn has a team of greeters behind her #TwitterSmarter team. I am fortunate to be one such team members to work closely with Madalyn and my best teammates, Zala BriceljSabrina Cadini, and Alberto Gómez.

In order to bridge the weekly text-based chat with the new wave of live streaming, we have begun a monthly Facebook talk show called the #TwitterSmarter Monthly Talk Show. It started in October, 2017.

The overall goal of the show is to bring in #TwitterSmarter chat guests from the last two months to a live streaming platform (i.e., Facebook) to engage in deeper conversations with the #TwitterSmarter community. The monthly talk show is hosted on the last Thursday of the month at 5PM, EST.

During our November talk show, we featured two special guests, Craig Carpenter and Dr. Joyce_Knudsen. They offered great insights on social media marketing & community building.

       #TwitterSmarter’s second monthly talk show. Click on the image above to watch the replay

Below, I highlight two takeaways from our guests.

Using Visual Content to Build Relationships

I have always believed that images are great ways to tell stories digitally. However, I never thought about using visual images to start conversations and build relationships and communities. This is my biggest takeaway from chatting with Craig Carpenter.

Craig is the founder of RelayThat, whose goal is to help you create images better and faster. Click on the caption below to connect with Craig on LinkedIn.

How can you use images to create communities?

This is how Craig did it and it absolutely melted my heart. During the#TwitterSmarter chat on Nov. 9, Craig created the following image during the chat.


Seeing that image blew my mind away. As you can see, I am still talking about it almost a month later after the chat. Not only did the image help me feel closer to the #TwitterSmarter family but also changed me to Craig’s forever fan!

In Craig’s own words,

Using visual content is a great way to lift others up and to start conversations.

How powerful is that?

Craig also shared that during live events, people can create quote images to grab people’s attention. He did this himself and got great engagement. I am totally going to “steal” this idea and create quote images for speakers when I attend my next conference. I recommend you do the same. Remember,

Visual content is a relationship builder. — Craig Carpenter — Tweet this.

A key point I also want to point out is, making your own sleek graphic designs does NOT have to be expensive or difficult. You certainly don’t need to be a trained graphic designer to do it!

Be Unique in Your Storytelling

My biggest takeaway from Dr. Joyce_Knudsen during the monthly show is how to be unique in your own storytelling — showcasing what is unique in you that others aren’t doing. Dr. Joyce also discussed the importance of being real, authentic, and positive in creating and sharing content online.

What I love the most about Dr. Joyce and her message is that she walks the talk. She is the most engaging and authentic influencer that I have ever interacted with.

Dr. Joyce stood out to me as a true giver. — Tweet This

Even with her 1.12 million followers on Twitter, Dr. Joyce engages, listens, and shares content of value to her community. In fact, Dr. Joyce shared that her “secret” to build such a large community on Twitter is that she’s authentic, real, positive, and being genuine and unique in her storytelling.

In the social media and digital world, there is so much automation and self promotion. But, you should never automate human interactions.

At the same time, Dr. Joyce reminded me of the importance of being yourself and embracing who you are. Social media has no shortage of influencers, micro-influencers, thought leaders, celebrities, etc.

But, there is only ONE you. Don’t try to be someone else. Discover what makes you, You. Engage in introspection to understand your “why.” Then, create content that cannot be created by someone else and showcase what you are doing that others aren’t doing. A community will emerge as a beautiful byproduct of your message and consistent content creation.


Kudos to Madalyn Sklar for elevating her #TwitterSmater chat to a new level. If you haven’t tried this yet, maybe it is time that you think about it.

How do you like my takeaways from Craig Carpenter and Dr. Joyce_Knudsen? How do you use visual images? What are your strategies for building communities online?

Share your thoughts with me, please.

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