Apps & Tools to Create Stunning Graphics Without Being A Graphic Designer


I am not a graphic designer. Are you? I call myself graphically challenged. So, I rely on tools to make quick and quality images on the go. Recently, I participated in Madalyn Sklar’s popular twitter chat, #TwitterSmarter. Sasha Tweel, Adobe Spark’s Social Community Manager, was the guest of the chat. By the way, if you love joining Twitter chats like I do, I highly recommend #TwitterSmarter, one of my favorite chats for sure.

During the chat, Sasha and other participants shared tons of useful resources and tools to create stunning graphics. In this article, I offer a quick review of some of these amazing tools and good articles to check out. I also added some of my personal favorites that I simply cannot live without. This article will help you learn more ways to create quality images without breaking your bank or spending hours trying to polish an image.

Resources for High Quality Images & Videos

✅ Pexels (@PexelsPhotos on Twitter)

✅ Unsplash (@unsplash on Twitter)

✅ Adobe Stock (@adobestock on Twitter) (You can get 10 FREE Adobe Stock images and then have to pay.)

✅ BigStock (@Bigstock on Twitter) [NOT free]

✅ Pixabay(@pixabay on Twitter)

✅ Coverr (@coverrco on Twitter) [Free videos for homepage background. They post 7 new videos every Monday]

All of these are great resources with a wide range of images. I have personally used Pixabay and love the pictures I got. All the other tools have equally high quality images. The last one, Coverr, was new to me. It has a great selection of free videos to use for homepage backgrounds.

Tools to Create Quick & Quality (Quote) Images

⏹ Adobe Spark (@AdobeSpark on Twitter) [I am a huge fan of their iOS mobile app. There is so much you can do on the app. You can select quality images, make quote images, choose from various designs, fonts, layouts, and animations. It’s absolutely my favorite mobile app for editing images.]

⏹ Canva Team (@canva on Twitter) [I use Canva on my computer to create all the graphics that I use for my Facebook live show, promotional materials, posters, brochures, and even PowerPointPresentations which I learned recently. It’s my absolute go-to desktop option to create images and everything visual.]

⏹ Pablo(@PabloByBuffer on Twitter) [super quick and easy ways to create quote images on the go. It has a Chrome extension that you can download.]

Tools to Share & Edit Videos

📹 Adobe Premiere Clip (@PremiereClip on Twitter)

📹 Clips: Apple’s new Clips social video editing app for iOS users

Note: I played with both apps, which are both user friendly and easy to use. Both apps allow you to use your phone to edit videos and share them easily. I feel Adobe Clip gives you a more professional look, whereas Clips looks more like a fun way to share videos with friends and the outside world. Depending on your purposes, you can choose which one to use accordingly. The videos look great on desktops.

Must-Read Articles to Improve Your Design Savviness

🔶 What every brand needs to know to use color effectively?

🔶 Ten ways to pair fonts for maximum impact

🔶 13 rules to help you stop making bad font choices

🔶 12 gorgeous ways to style your products for social media


I hope you benefited from this lists of tools, apps, and resources to help you create stunning graphics even if you are not a graphic designer. How about you? What are your favorite tools and apps to create graphics? Please share in the comment section below.

Super thankful that Madalyn Sklar always brings amazing guests to #TwitterSmarter chat. If you haven’t participated in one yet, I highly recommend. #TwitterSmarter is on EVERY Thursday at 1PM, EST.

Glenn Nuñez